2018 goals

Before we talk about our 2018 goals, let’s go back to what we said in 2017:

2018 goals

Back to 2017

In 2017, our goals were for Madeleine to continue being a freelancer and to make enough money to live 🙂 To be perfectly honest, it was not very easy at the beginning of the year, but things are way better since we came back from the Netherlands.

I also wanted to finish my SEO training, which is done and I was able to apply my knowledge by working on the search optimisation of a client.

Pierre-Adrien: my goal in 2017 was to have a successful internship. As part of my engineering studies, I had to do a minimum one month internship abroad. So we went to live in Rotterdam in June and July 2017 🙂

I also planned to have my TOEIC to validate my engineering degree. Unfortunately, I will have to take it again :/ So it remains one of my goals for 2018!

Our common goals for 2017 were to go to a festival together. We went to a music festival with some friends in June 2017, in the Allier Region in France.

The major goal was to register for the Canadian Work Holiday Visa. We are now waiting to be randomly drawn to apply for a work permit 😀

And finally, we are of course more in love today than a year ago <3

2018 goals

Now, let’s see for 2018:

Our 2018 goals

  • Madeleine: put enough money aside to get the amount we set to go to Canada.
  • Pierre-Adrien: pass the TOEIC test and graduated from engineering school.
  • Us: receive a Work Holiday Visa to go to Canada in 2019.

In short, nothing crazy, we just want to go to Canada 🙂

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