2018 goals

Before talking about our 2019 goals, let’s go back to what we said in 2018:

Back to 2018

In 2018, my only goal (Madeleine) was to “put enough money aside to have the amount we set for leaving to Canada”. It’s done! Even though I did not think that it was possible, considering the catastrophic year I had in the financial aspect in 2017. 2018 allowed me to develop my freelance activity. 🙂

For Pierre-Adrien, the goal was to have his TOEIC. He could not validate it. But he will have plenty of time to work on his english once we are in Canada! :p

Our common goal for 2018 was to be drawn to receive an invitation to apply for a Work-Holiday-Visa.
Pierre-Adrien was very lucky to be drawn in February 2018.
For me, it was not the same thing… I am still waiting to be drawn, and we are leaving in one month. :/

Now, let’s see what is expected in 2019:

Objectifs 2019 goals

Our 2019 goals

  • Madeleine: Receive my WHV!
  • Pierre-Adrien: Find a job in Canada 😀
  • Us: Live extraordinary moments while traveling across Canada!

We invite you to follow us during this year of adventures in a camper in Canada.

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2 thoughts to “Our objectives & goals for 2019

  • Alex

    Forgot to introduce me: The guy picking you up and driving to Jasper after your breakdown: that was me, Alex from Münster/Germany (just to complete your blog…☺)

    • Toi - Madeleine

      Hi, what a story. The tow truck came to our RV and it started again without any problem… We still had to pay for the towing… we broke down again today in Valemount. It’s probably a heating problem. Thanks again for driving us. 🙂


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