2018 goals

Before talking about our 2019 goals, let’s go back to what we said in 2018:

Back to 2018

In 2018, my only goal (Madeleine) was to “put enough money aside to have the amount we set for leaving to Canada”. It’s done! Even though I did not think that it was possible, considering the catastrophic year I had in the financial aspect in 2017. 2018 allowed me to develop my freelance activity. 🙂

For Pierre-Adrien, the goal was to have his TOEIC. He could not validate it. But he will have plenty of time to work on his english once we are in Canada! :p

Our common goal for 2018 was to be drawn to receive an invitation to apply for a Work-Holiday-Visa.
Pierre-Adrien was very lucky to be drawn in February 2018.
For me, it was not the same thing… I am still waiting to be drawn, and we are leaving in one month. :/

Now, let’s see what is expected in 2019:

Objectifs 2019 goals

Our 2019 goals

  • Madeleine: Receive my WHV!
  • Pierre-Adrien: Find a job in Canada 😀
  • Us: Live extraordinary moments while traveling across Canada!

We invite you to follow us during this year of adventures in a camper in Canada.

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