2018 goals

Before talking about our 2020 goals, let’s go back to what we said in 2019:

Back to 2019

Our 2019 goals were, for me, to get the working holiday visa, and for Pierre-Adrien, to find work in Canada.

Goals achieved! 🙂 In May 2019, I was fortunate to receive the invitation to apply for the Working Holiday Permit for Canada. After the procedures and a round trip to the USA for biometric data, I received my work permit in July. At the end of our road trip, we did a round trip to the American border to activate my two-year visa.

Pierre-Adrien has also achieved his goal by finding work quickly in Banff for this winter. He is a construction labourer on hotel demolition and renovation sites since November 2019. He wanted manual labor to be physically active and do something with his hands.

Now, let’s see what our goals are for 2020:

Objectifs 2019 goals

Our 2020 goals

This year, we have only one goal: To finish our road trip in Canada.

Last summer, the project was to cross Canada all the way to the Yukon. For several reasons (time, weather, money and killers on the run), we decided not to go and devote our next road trip to this part of Canada. We will tell you more about this trip in a few weeks. 🙂

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2 thoughts to “Our goals for this year: 2020

  • Alex

    Forgot to introduce me: The guy picking you up and driving to Jasper after your breakdown: that was me, Alex from Münster/Germany (just to complete your blog…☺)

    • Toi - Madeleine

      Hi, what a story. The tow truck came to our RV and it started again without any problem… We still had to pay for the towing… we broke down again today in Valemount. It’s probably a heating problem. Thanks again for driving us. 🙂


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