You, is me & Me, is him!

You and me? A little lost? Little presentation. Visually this is it:

You & Me-childhood

You, is me – Madeleine & Me, is him – Pierre-Adrien

Got it?

 Today it’s us, on the loose!

You & Me in Rotterdam

Who are You and Me?

Who is You?


Madeleine, Maddy (born September 2, 1992, in Lyon) is a Franco-American citizen. She lived her childhood abroad, in Thailand from 1999 to 2002, in Taiwan from 2002 to 2004 and in Tunisia from 2004 to 2006. Back in France for high School, she specializes in literature and Art.


After a little uncertainty about her orientation after graduating from high school in 2010, she went on to study Tourism Management in a Business School in La Rochelle, France. During her Bachelor, she undertook numerous internships in Internet Communication and E-commerce including one in Ireland, and she returned to Thailand for a semester abroad in a partner university in Bangkok. She decided to specialize in digital communication during her master’s degree in Lyon. It is at the end of her studies that she meets P-A.


After graduating in 2015, Madeleine went on a train trip around Europe and gets her first job in a company in northwestern Ireland. She will only stay there for three months because she misses P-A too much. She returns to France to move in with him and starts working as a freelancer in order to do what she loves and to live with the one she loves. Check out her professional website.

Who is Me?


Pierre-Adrien, P-A, born on August, 21 1992, in Nîmes, of French nationality, first lived in a small village of the Gard called Calvisson. In January 1993, he moved to Chanteloup-en Brie where he stayed only one year. In May 1994, he moved to Lyon before moving to Le Havre in August 1996 and staying there until he graduated from high school in 2011. During his childhood, he traveled a lot with his family and his school: Italy, Tunisia, England, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Portugal, USA, Dominican Republic, Canada and Turkey.


After high school, he moves to Rouen, France, to undergo studies in Chemical and Process Engineering and then in Marseille for a degree in Physics and Chemistry. He discovers associative life as treasurer of the student council and does not graduate but this experience teaches him a lot about himself and his aspirations. He moves to Lyon for a Preparatory Class to enter Engineering School, and this is when he meets Maddy. In 2015, he joins the Ecole des Mines and moves to St Etienne to study Engineering. He signs an apprenticeship contract in a stainless steel company in Saône and Loire.

Who are we?

Together since December 12, 2014, Maddy and P-A meet at a party. In November 2015, when Madeleine returns to France after quitting her job in Ireland, they move in together in St Etienne. In June 2016, they decide to go live in the countryside, in Digoin, near P-A’s work. They travel as much as they can while keeping one goal in mind: Canada, after P-A’s graduation from Engineering School, scheduled for October 2018. And this is the reason of the blog!

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