Top 10 activities we want to do in Canada

We are starting to have a well-grounded itinerary for our road trip from east to west in Canada. When we talk about it to people, some don’t understand that we’re planning everything. But on such a trip, 26 000 kilometers in 7 months with a limited budget, we cannot afford to improvise too much. We are now seven months before we leave for Canada. Last month, you discovered the top 10 places we want to visit during our road trip 🙂 Today, we are listing the top 10 activities we want to do in Canada!

What we want to do in general in Canada

Take a ferry with the camper:

Ferry-Top 10 activities we want to do in Canada

We will take several ferries during our road trip from east to west in Canada. The first should be between Saint-Siméon and Rivière-du-Loup in Quebec to cross the St. Lawrence River. And the last one will be to go back from Vancouver Island to British Columbia.

What we want to do in Quebec

Observe whales in the estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence:

Whale Quebec Top 10 activities We want to do in Canada

This is going to be the very beginning of our road trip. In May, we should spend several nights on the St. Lawrence River whether it is in the Saguenay region, in Tadoussac for example, or in the Gaspé Peninsula. It won’t really be the right period to observe whales, but we hope to see some of them anyway. Or with a little luck, we can see some of the resident whales. We should also be able to observe them when we are in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

The two things we absolutely want to do in Alberta

It is not that we do not want to do anything in the other provinces that we will cross between Quebec and Alberta, but there are so many opportunities that we had to make choices. In any case, for this top 10 activities that we want to do in Canada, because in fact, we are going to do a lot more.

Skywalk Glacier at Jasper National Park:

Glacier Skywalk Top 10 activities We want to do in Canada

The Skywalk Glacier is a glass walkway suspended from the cliff at about 300 metres from the ground. We love this kind of activity, when there is void, sensations and heights.

The West Edmonton Mall:

West Edmonton Mall Top 10 activities We want to do in Canada

We don’t really know what to expect, but on paper it sounds crazy. The madness of American sizes… The West Edmonton Mall is a shopping mall, as its name implies, where you find the world’s largest indoor amusement park, the world’s largest indoor lake and the world’s largest indoor wave pool… And it’s not over, there’s also an ice rink, a zoo, about 800 stores and 100 restaurants. It is the largest shopping mall in all of North America.

Two activities in Yukon

The thermal springs of Takhini:

Right next to the city of Whitehorse, we will relax at the thermal springs of Takhini. There are two natural mineral water pools at 36°C and 42°C.

The Dempster Highway:

Dempster Highway Top 10 activities We want to do in Canada

This will be one of the highlights of our road trip and the major reason why we want to go so far north in Canada. This approximately 770-kilometre highway, which connects Dawson City in Yukon to Inuvik, Northwest Territories, is the legendary road that we absolutely want to explore. We reserve 2 whole weeks to make the round trip and wander in this untouched wilderness. We also hope to see some Aurora Borealis, one of the things on our bucket list before our 30th birthday.

As you can see, we are only at six on the top 10 activities we want to do in Canada, when there is only one province left on our way.

British Columbia, where it has been difficult to choose only four activities

Capilano Park in Vancouver:

Capilano Park Top 10 activities We want to do in Canada

Still in the madness of heights! On 140 metres of length at 70 meters in height, the Capilano suspension bridge leads to a series of cantilevered walkways or hanging off the cliff and then to even more suspended walkways, for a superb walk 🙂

Zodiac near Tofino:


It’ll be almost the end of the road trip, so we’ll see if we still have enough money, but we’d like to be able to afford a little trip in a Zodiac near Tofino on Vancouver Island to observe the marine fauna. We’ll be there at the right season too! Pierre-Adrien has already had the opportunity to do it, and he would like us to do it together.

Hiking in Squamish:

Top 10 activities We want to do in Canada Squamish

Squamish is the Canadian capital of outdoors activity. It’s a great place for walking, cycling or canoeing in the many surrounding national parks.

The Peak 2 peak mechanical lift in Whistler:

Peak 2 Peak, Whistler Top 10 activities We want to do in Canada

We will finish our trip in Whistler, where with a little luck the ski season will begin. 🙂 The activity that we will not miss will be the Peak 2 peak mechanical lift. It is the longest in the world: 4.3 kilometers between two peaks at more than 400 meters from the ground in a gondola with glass floor!

If you were to do this road trip instead of us, what would you like to do amongst all of these activities? 🙂

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