How to find cheaper plane tickets?

It is sometimes difficult to find the right flight at the best price. Among all the comparators, we struggle and spend hours on the internet looking for cheaper plane tickets. Right? 🙂

Check out our tip to find cheaper plane tickets on Internet

How to find cheaper airfare© Matthew Smith

After several trips where I got tired of looking for plane tickets at the best price, comparing them,… I got a little bored and thought it was not normal to spend so much time on the internet to find cheap plane ticket to travel on a budget.

And that’s when I discovered Skyscanner! The site compares the prices of airlines, resellers, but also price comparators in order to offer you the cheapest price.

Beware, cheaper plane tickets often mean several long stopovers, and also flight schedules which are not very comfortable. When you travel on a budget, you need to compromise to travel cheaper.

Finding cheaper plane tickets when you know the destination and dates

On Skyscanner, when you know the destination and the dates you want/can travel (several weeks before), you can create a price alert that will warn you when the price goes down or when the price rises. To do this, simply indicate the departure city, the destination, the dates as well as the travelers as below:

Cheaper plane tickets on Skyscanner

On the results page, you will only need to create a price alert to receive an email every time the price changes. This makes it possible to see whether prices increase or decrease to buy your plane ticket at the best price.

Cheaper plane tickets on Skyscanner

For example for our trip to Salt Lake City, USA, I had created a price alert because we knew exactly our holiday dates and one evening I received an alert that indicated that the price had dropped by more than €400 (it was about 1 week after the election of the new president) 🙂 So we ran to a computer to buy the tickets before the prices went up.

Finding cheaper plane tickets when you know the destination, but not the dates

The second and usually most common case is when you know where you want to travel, but you don’t necessarily know the dates because you can leave whenever you want. In this case, Skyscanner is also a great tool to find cheaper flights. You have to indicate the city of departure and the destination, as earlier, but instead of choosing fixed dates, you can choose either the month you want to leave or choose “Cheapest month”.

Cheaper plane tickets on Skyscanner

For example, I chose “Cheapest month” and then, I came across a price calendar that tells you the dates of the cheapest month to travel according to the chosen destination (here is for London).

Cheaper plane tickets on Skyscanner

After choosing dates, you get to the results page as in the first case, and then you can create an alert to see if the price of the airplane tickets changes if you don’t buy them right away.

Finding cheaper plane tickets when you don’t know the destination, but you know the dates

When you don’t know where to go for your vacation, Skyscanner can also be very helpful in finding cheaper plane tickets thanks to its search tool that allows you to choose “Everywhere” in the destination box.

Cheaper plane tickets on Skyscanner

Here, for example, I chose dates at the end of October for Halloween and clicked on “Search”. You then get to a long list of destinations with a price “from” which allows you to see where to go according to your budget.

Cheaper plane tickets on Skyscanner

Finding cheaper plane tickets when you don’t know the destination or dates

The last case is less common and is especially good to have when you need to escape, but you do not know when or where… It mainly gives ideas of destination for the future. It is therefore possible to search for plane tickets by entering only the departure city as below.

Cheaper plane tickets on Skyscanner

As before, you get to a list of the cheapest destinations from the city indicated, then on the list of the cheapest cities in the country selected. After selecting a city, you arrive on the calendar with the prices as in case n°2.

If you have any questions about using Skyscanner to find cheaper plane tickets, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

You now know my secret to travel at the best price. How about you? What are your search tools to buy plane tickets?

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