International Driving License - Check-list before we leave to Canada

We leave for Canada on February 14, 2019. By then, we have a lot of things to do before we leave.

Checked list before our departure

Medical appointments:

  • Ophthalmologist: to have a few pairs of eyeglasses and sunglasses.
  • Dentist: to leave without cavities.
  • Doctor: for a health check
  • Other appointments with specialists. 🙂


We left our apartment in late September, to live temporarily for a lower cost, before leaving for Montreal in February. We sold most of our stuff, and left a few boxes at our parents’ houses.

Administrative procedures:

International Driving License - Check-list before we leave to Canada

  • We have already received our international driver’s licenses.
  • We bought our airplane tickets.
  • Passports updated.

Check-list before we leave to Canada


  • Sell our two cars.
  • Cancel our vehicle insurance contracts.

Travel Insurance:

Before we leave, we need to get a travel insurance.

Administrative procedures:

  • Inform taxes and banks that we are going abroad.
  • Madeleine will have to apply for an AVE (authorization to travel to Canada) if she does not obtain the Work-Holiday-Visa by then.
  • Apply for a certificate from the bank to prove our finances when we arrive at customs in Montreal.
  • Open an account in a Canadian bank via the Internet.
  • Cancel our cell phone subscriptions before we leave.

Check-list for when we arrive in Canada

On arrival, we will have several things to do, like:

  • Go to the bank.
  • Buy a cell phone subscription.
  • Register on the consular lists.
  • Pierre-Adrien will need to get his social insurance number in Canada in order to be able to work.
  • Once we find a camper to buy, we will have to dig into insurances.

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