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I was looking for a different way to talk about Couchsurfing. I didn’t really want to write an article because I had already written one for my previous blog and I hate writing twice about the same subject. But, Couchsurfing takes so much space in our lives that we had to tell you about it!

Especially since without Couchsurfing, we would never have met…


While I was going to resolve myself to try to write a new article, a reporter contacted me about Couchsurfing! So, here is the interview:

The interview for the article on Couchsurfing

How did you learn about couchsurfing?

I experienced couchsurfing in 2012 when I was a student. During my university exchange in Thailand, I met some expatriates who told me about the network, I was feeling homesick and wanted to meet French people.

Couchsurfing is not just a platform for hosting people of all nationalities. It is also a network of people who can meet for a drink, exchange, become friends, etc.

In cities, generally, there are so-called “social meetings” which allow to meet travelers, but also hosts in order to make new enriching encounters.

Why do you do it?

We couchsurf, because it is for us the best way to continue to travel while staying in France (or in another country, wherever we live). It also allows us to share experiences, different cultures and to open up a little more to the World.

How many people have you hosted?

We started hosting Couchsurfers in 2015 and we have hosted about 20 people since.

What kind of people were they? (travelers by bike, on foot, tourists, road-tripers…)

When we lived in Lyon, we hosted all kinds of people: tourists, students, professionals, or people who came to settle in Lyon and who were couchsurfing while waiting to find a place to rent.

In Digoin, it is exclusively cyclists. – since we answered these questions, we have hosted a couple who came to visit the area before settling here.

What is the most beautiful memory you keep from all these experiences?

I do not have a particular memory, but thanks to Couchsurfing we have created very nice friendships. I know that the day we want to leave in the country of one of our guests, he or she will host us in return. We now have contacts on every continent, and we intend to use them.

Why would you advise couchsurfing?

If you are open-minded and like to learn about different cultures, it is a very good way to open up to the world and create links.

Does it work well around here?

Since we are in Digoin, a little over a year, we have hosted 8 people. But, we could have hosted a lot more, we receive about 2 to 3 requests per month. Unfortunately, we cannot honor all of them. We have so many requests that sometimes, I think we are probably the only hosts in the area.

Couchsurfing in Digoin works particularly well. We are located next to a busy european biking route. Two of the 6 cyclists we hosted were Germans returning from a bike ride around the world and taking this road back to Germany. We also hosted an Englishman who, after a bicycle tour of Europe, had decided to return to France to work as a seasonal worker and was doing a more thorough tour of France before the start of the season. We also hosted a Russian guy, who after his studies at HEC Paris, had decided to go to Spain by bike for the summer, or a German guy who was meeting his parents for the holidays in Bordeaux – instead of going with them by car, he had decided to go by bike.

One thing to improve?

Couchsurfing is a very nice platform, a beautiful community. It has changed a lot since we have started, but it is still a wonderful initiative. There would probably be a lot of things to improve, but I can’t think of anything now.

Here is the press article (in french): Le Journal de La Renaissance, page 02

We met at the farewell party of a German girl who was part of the large couchsurfing community of Lyon. Pierre-Adrien didn’t know about couchsurfing at the time, he was the upstairs neighbor of the party 🙂

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