Stephanie and Claude Tandemonde Cycling couchsurfers

This special article will talk about the cyclists we hosted in 2018 thanks to the Couchsurfing platform. We have hosted, in all, 10 people this year, but we will tell you about 6 cycling couchsurfers who we follow because of their travel plans.

Laura & Benoit – Per Biciklo al Japanio

From February 21 to 23, 2018

Laura and Benoit are a couple of ordinary cyclists. They each have their bikes and travel towards Japan thanks to the Esperanto community (of the universal language Esperanto). They left La Ferrière in Vendée, France on Saturday, February 3rd. We hosted them for two nights. Benoit was sick the first night, when it was his birthday. They really needed to rest after spending their first night in a tent, in the middle of winter, the day before they arrived at our place. :/

Laura and Benoit Cycling couchsurfers

Here is a short summary of their journey so far:

  • By March 15th, they entered Italy after passing through Switzerland
  • At the end of March, they were in Slovenia
  • End of April, in Bulgaria and then in Georgia
  • In mid-May, they were in Azerbaijan
  • End of May and beginning of June in Iran
  • At the end of June, they were in Turkmenistan and then in Uzbekistan
  • In July, they were in Tajikistan
  • They spent all September in China
  • At the latest news, they are still in China.

Laura and Benoit Cycling couchsurfers

Stephanie & Claude –Tandemonde

From March 7 to 9, 2018

Our cycling couchsurfers, Stephanie and Claude, are a couple travelling with a semi-reclining tandem. From Orléans, they left with many friends who followed them as far as they could. When they arrived to our place, there was only one brave girl remaining with them, Johanna. So we hosted all three 🙂

Stephanie and Claude Tandemonde cycling couchsurfers

Their final destination is Singapore, through the Silk Road.
Here is a short summary of their journey so far:

  • At the end of March, they entered Italy after coming down to the south of France
  • In April, they crossed Croatia, Bosnia, Albania and Macedonia
  • In May, they were in Greece and Turkey
  • Then they left Turkey at the end of June
  • In July, they crossed Iran
  • In August they were in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan
  • In September, Steph and Claude crossed the Pamir and crossed the border with China.

They had a very bad experience on the Chinese border and so they decided to go back and spend more time in Kyrgyzstan. They will not go to Singapore as originally planned, but they will cycle back to France by going to places where they wished they had more time to explore.

Their challenge is now to come back with a dog, Côtelette, which they adopted on the road 🙂
We wish them good luck!

Stephanie and Claude Tandemonde cycling couchsurfers

Guillaume & Pablo – Mi-pieds mi-mains

From March 22 to 23, 2018

Guillaume and Pablo are two friends who decided to leave everything to take a bike ride around the world. They travel aboard a rather special gear, a semi-reclining tandem, like Stephanie and Claude, but also semi-handbike, because Pablo can no longer pedal with his legs, he suffers from early osteoarthritis of the knee, so he pedals with his hands. 🙂

They slept one night at our house, and we thought it would be fun to meet in Canada, if they can make a small detour, as we will surely be farther west when they arrive in the USA!

Mipieds-Mimains Couchsurfing cyclists

Here is a brief summary of our cycling couchsurfers’ journey so far:

  • At the end of March, they passed their first border in Switzerland
  • In April, they were in Germany and then in Austria
  • May, they were in Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia
  • In June, in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, then they entered Turkey
  • In July, they crossed Turkey
  • Early August, they arrived in Georgia
  • At the end of August, they discovered Azerbaijan
  • In September, they were in Iran
  • At the beginning of Octobre, they arrived in Tehran, Iran and were starting they way down to India.

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