Depart pour le Canada

Some last minute things to do

During the two last weeks before our departure, we left our place, ended our internet plan and phone plans. We both went back to live at our parents’ places for our last week to spend time with family. Pierre-Adrien sold his car just before leaving. We did everything we needed to have a bank account in Montreal waiting for us with money on it.
You can also read about all the others things we had to do before leaving.

D-Day – Arrival in Canada

In the early morning of February 14th, P-A’s parents very kindly took us to Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle for our big departure.

Departure for Canada

Miraculously, our three suitcases did not exceed the allowed weight of 23 kg (22.9 kg, 22.5 kg and 21.6 kg). We were able to embark on an Air Transat flight to Montreal twithout any hassle.

Upon arrival, we knew customs was going to be a critical moment.
I (Madeleine) would admit that I was not calm when arriving without a date or return flight. My intuition was good, they asked me a lot of questions about the purpose of my visit. They finally gave me a 6 month tourist visa and I went to get our luggage. During this time, Pierre-Adrien was waiting to get his open work permit for two years thanks to the WHV.

Flight to Canada

Arrival in Canada

Once we passed the gate of the arrival of the Montreal airport, we were finally relaxed. To get to the city centre and get to our hotel, we took the 747 bus to Lionel-Groulx. Then we took the subway to Atwater, 300 m from the Belvedere Tower, the hotel where we had booked our first night.

After settling into our great family suite (we were upgraded) and taking a nice shower, we strolled in the city centre for beer and dinner. Being very tired, we quickly went back to bed for our first Canadian night.

Day 2

The night was good and restful despite waking up at 5am (thanks Jetlag). We took advantage of our morning to give news to our families, as well as having breakfast in a coffee shop. We were also able to enjoy the hotel’s swimming pool and sauna.

Breakfast in Montreal

Then, we left the hotel to go to our friend’s apartement who will be hosting us for a few nights. For our real first day in Montreal, it was relatively warm with positive temperatures and rain.

Our first steps in Canada

We had an appointment with our new bank, Desjardins, to get our debit card and understand how the banking system works in Canada.

Then we went to buy a prepaid card to get a Canadian telephone number from the Telus operator.

We still have to go to the Service Canada office for Pierre-Adrien to get his Social Insurance Number (SIN). This will allow him to work and facilitate some immigration procedures like getting a proper phone plan.

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