estimated budget

We are six months away from the big departure, it’s time to talk to you about how we’re going to fund this project and explain the estimated budget for our road-trip in Canada.

The estimated budget

We plan to leave with 30,000 or €15,000 each! But actually, we’re not really going to leave with this amount of money. These €30,000 will also pay our one-way airplane tickets (about €750) and our travel insurances (about €1,500 for two years) that we will take before we leave. So we are left with €27,550 for the whole project, which is roughly CA$44,350 if the euro is at 1.6 Canadian dollars.

Canadian Dollars Provisional budget


We have been saving money for a little more than two years, since we started talking about this project. We are going to try to get a little bit of material from our parents, for our birthdays 🙂 If everything goes as planned, we should even be able to save a little more than expected for unforeseen events! In addition, Madeleine will continue to work as a freelancer for her clients in France for the first two months. This will allow us to finance these few weeks in the city, which cost much more than our daily budget estimates in the camper.

estimated budget

The dividing up of the estimated budget

Before we talk about the division of the budget, we must insist on the fact that we plan to travel in a camper for 7 months or a little over 200 days. According to our estimates, we should drive for about 16,155 miles. 🙂 Our biggest expense category will be transportation, then logistics and food and finally, equipment.

Our estimated budget for transport:

Transportation is the most important part of a road-trip, we are going to be living in a vehicle.

We have budgeted to maximum CA$15 000 for the purchase of the camper. We think we can find one for CA$10,000 registration fee included (about CA$300).

The second major source of transportation spending will obviously be fuel, otherwise we would not go very far. With a high range in terms of consumption, we should be spending around CA$10,500 for our 16K miles.

Camper PVT Canada
© Rob Hayman

We also have to think about the insurance for the vehicle, we noted CA$2,000 for 1 year of insurance. But, we are not really sure, we will see…

The smaller expenses will be winter or summer tires, according to the ones which will be sold to us with the camper (CA$600). And the price of the ferries that we will take on our road-trip to cross certain rivers (CA$500). With the exact figures, here is the total estimated budget which we will spend on transportation: CA$28,950/€18,094 which corresponds to more than 65% of the total budget.

Logistics and Food:

In terms of logistics, this will be the budget for camping sites (with electricity, water, etc.). On our 200 days of road-trip, so 200 nights, we estimated that we can do without services one night out of two. Therefore, we should be paying for 100 nights only. With a high range of CA$50 per night for the three services (water, electricity, drain), the budget is CA$5,000. The 100 other nights we will do what is called boondocking. To explain it simply, it’s about sleeping for free on parking lots, or on public grounds.

The food budget is CA$3,000 for the 7 months of life in the camper. This is what we spend here in France, even if we know it is more expensive in Canada. We should not have the same eating habits, so it should work out.

And finally, the very small logistical expenses will be the annual pass for the national parks, CA$150.

Total Logistics/Food: CA$8,150/€5,094 or 18% of the total estimated budget.

estimated budget

The budget for equipment:

The equipment budget is about CA$3,900 or about €2,450. It includes all the equipment that will be needed to equip the camper (sleeping, cooking and outdoor). We also plan to buy mountain bikes so that we can vary our outings. We will buy some technical and seasonal clothes when we arrive in Montreal in February.

This budget also counts the telephone plan that was estimated at CA$1,000 for one year. And we will order a GPS tracker. It will allow us to keep in touch with our families via the satellite network when we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere, without mobile network. This will also offer us the opportunity to post on social networks at all times, and launch an SOS at the nearest rescue center, if there ever happens to be a problem when we are far away from civilization. A way to reassure everyone 🙂

This accounts for just over 8% of our budget. Well, in all of this, we still have a portion of the budget that we haven’t talked about…

Unforeseen event and Emergency budget:

As we can never be cautious enough, we will still have nearly CA$3,000 for emergencies. This budget will even be increased according to the price of the camper that we buy.

We will follow up on our expenses during the trip. This will allow us to make a finance report at the end of the road-trip. It will allow us to see if we estimated correctly. If necessary, along the way, we will discuss our expenses in dedicated articles.

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