comment s'équiper Trouvailles dans la rues

When we left for Canada, we had to sell or give almost everything we had. We left France with three suitcases of 23 kilos each and two backpacks. So we had to find some equipment to equip our motorhome. For such a small house, the equipment we need is mostly for the kitchen and for camping.

The “nothing new” challenge or almost…

At the beginning of the year, I had the idea of starting this challenge. But we knew that we had to make exceptional purchases this year.

For the sake of our planet and our tendency to overconsume, we really did everything to buy used equipment.

Finds in the streets

How to equip yourself for free in Montreal

We noticed that people left their stuff on the sidewalks in front of their homes, during a move or spring cleaning. We found lots of things in very good condition to equip our house on wheels by strolling in the residential streets of Montreal.

Do you have that?/Do you want this?

We discovered a community on a Facebook group, people who give each other second-hand material to avoid throwing away or buying new ones. We were able to find enough things to equip almost a whole kitchen by browsing on social networks.

How to equip at low prices

In the neighborhood where we lived in Montreal for a month and a half, there is a donation center, linked to a church. We went there to try to buy what we could not find for free.

donation centre Montreal

The “Renaissance” thrift shop in the neighborhood helped us as well. For the rest, we were looking for the classifieds on Facebook.

Last resort to find some things

Despite all these tricks to find second hand things, he still had to buy some new equipment. We preferred to buy our bedding and linens in store too.

How to equip a ride to IKEA

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