Sea to Sky Highway in British-Columbia © D. Vincent Alongi

As mentioned in the article on our WHV project, we will spend our first few weeks in Canada discovering the cities of Montreal, Quebec CityOttawa and Toronto, to wait until the end of winter. Normally, at the beginning of May 2019, we can finally leave with the camper for our road-trip.

This is still an estimated itinerary. We will see once we are there, according to the weather and our desires of the moment. Nothing is set in stone 🙂 Good reading, and feel free to leave us comments at the end of the article if you have any questions or suggestions! 

Eastern Canada


We should leave from Montreal to start this East to West itinerary of 7 months. We will take the direction of the fjord of Saguenay, which we will follow back up to Lac-Saint-Jean. Then, we will go to the other side of the fjord to reach Tadoussac. We will drive to Saint-Siméon to take the ferry to cross the St. Lawrence. From, here we should go all the way up to Gaspésie and Percé. Finally, we will drive along Chaleur Bay to get to New Brunswick.

Route East in West Quebec Canada

New Brunswick and Nova Scotia:

In New Brunswick, we will be heading southeast in order to reach Nova Scotia. In Nova Scotia, we will be driving on the Cabot Trail, which is one of the top 10 places we want to visit 🙂 Then, we will go to the Fundy Bay National Park in New Brunswick, and then, come back to Quebec through the road which goes along the United States.

Route East in West New Brunswick Nova Scotia Canada

Before joining Ontario, we will stop at Mont Tremblant in Quebec.

Route East in West Quebec Canada

Central Canada


In Ontario, we should already have visited the cities of Ottawa and Toronto and the Niagara Falls. We will cross the province through Algonquin National Park and Bruce Peninsula National Park. Then we will go on Manitoulin Island with a ferry before going along the province by the coast of Lake Superior which serves as a natural border with the United States. We will stop in Thunder Bay before going to Manitoba to continue our road-trip to the West.

Route East in West Ontario Canada


In Manitoba, we will visit Winnipeg, the capital of the province. After a few days in town, we will take advantage of the beach at Grand Marais before changing provinces again.

Route East in West Manitoba Canada


We will spend a few days in the city of Regina, before isolating ourselves in Grasslands National Park. Next, we will head north to visit three parks: Candle Lake Provincial Park, Prince Albert National Park, and Meadow Lake Provincial Park.

Route East in West Saskatchewan Canada


We will arrive in Alberta by the centre of the province with a first stop in the city of Edmonton, then we will go south to the Dinosaur Provincial Park before going back up to Calgary. We will then spend a few weeks between Banff National Park and Jasper National Park before heading north to Wood Buffalo National Park and the Northwest Territories. Route East in West Alberta Canada

Northern Canada

Northwest Territories:

In the NWT, we will go to Yellowknife to visit the capital of the province. We will then head for the Yukon to reach Watson Lake.

Route east to west Northwest Territories Canada


From Watson Lake, we will be heading north to reach Inuvik (NWT). We will pass through the cities of Whitehorse and Dawson City before taking the Dempster Highway between Dawson and Inuvik, back and forth.

Route East in West Yukon Canada

Western Canada

British Columbia:

We will head South for Stewart and cross the province to reach several parks: Wells Gray, Yoho, Kootenay and Waterton Lakes. From here we will visit the city of Kelowna and spend a few days in Vancouver.

Route East in West British Columbia Canada

After the city of Vancouver, we will go to Vancouver Island to discover Victoria and Tofino. From Tofino, we will head back to Vancouver to finally take the Sea-to-Sky Highway. We should end our trip in Whistler for the opening of the ski season.

Route East in West British Columbia Canada

If you’re having fun adding the kilometers, we will reach 13,980 miles. We rounded up to 16K knowing that we will sometimes drive around to find a place to sleep, or to visit unplanned things. 😀

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