Khao Lak, Thailand

Before arriving in Bangkok for my university semester, my friend and classmate (who was doing the same academic exchange) had done an internship in a hotel in the seaside resort of Khao Lak in Thailand.

Khao Lak, seaside resort on the Andaman Sea

Where is Khao Lak and how to get there?

Khao Lak is a group of villages located on the southwest coast of Thailand. The seaside resort is located on the coast of the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean. We went by bus from Bangkok. 10 hours bus drive from Ekamai station for 500 bath (15 euros). We stayed with one of my friend’s former colleagues, and we rented scooters to be able to move around without being dependent on our host who was working during the day.

Khao Lak: Victim of the terrible Tsunami of 2004

The seaside resort was completely destroyed in 2004 by the sinister tsunami. Since then, it has been largely rebuilt, and even developed. The movie, The Impossible (2012), which chronicles the tsunami event was also shot in the seaside resort of Khao Lak and the surrounding area.

All the beaches and hotels are beautiful and no longer show any signs of the tsunami.

Thanks to the scooters, we were able to see many beaches as well as some forests and waterfalls. We also went to a National Park, Lam Ru National Park, which is one of the factors of tourism development in this region.

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