Toi et moi en Ontario

Just before we left for Ontario to continue our road trip, we were returning to Quebec City from the Atlantic Provinces. We were quite upset about our first month of travel. With all the problems we had on the road, I did a kind of small burn-out from the trip and Pierre-Adrien despaired of not being able to bring us the little comfort we needed: electricity and a cold fridge.

Interlude in Quebec

We were going back to Quebec City in time for a recreational vehicles gathering, where we knew we would meet people who knew more and who could help us with our little beginner’s problems.

The event took place on the island of Orleans, next to Quebec City, on a rainy weekend. But as hoped, we met many great people and were able to find the solution to all our problems of the moment.


We were ready to go back on our road trip. We had a few more days to lose so we stopped in Montreal to spend an evening with our friends.

24 hours in the United States

In May, I was selected to get the Work Holiday Visa. Unlike last year, when Pierre-Adrien was selected, the Canadian government is now requesting biometric data for all visa applications. The only problem is that the country does not yet have the infrastructure to collect the data. So we had to go to the United States to do them. We made an appointment in the city of Syracuse, because it is the city closest to the border that offers this service.

After a stressful visit to U.S. Customs and a round trip of just over 400 km in 24 hours, we could finally get back to the road trip. The advantage of this border crossing is that I was able to re-enter Canada as an American citizen for 6 months, since my 6-month stay as a French tourist was expiring.

On Ontario’s Roads

For our border crossing with the USA, we were in the Thousand Islands region of Ontario. The water level of the St. Lawrence was very high and some islands were flooded. This area is very beautiful and seemed to offer a lot of activities, but we didn’t want to linger, we wanted to go west quickly.

Georgian Bay

We continued our route to Wasaga Beach, the longest freshwater beach in the world (14 km), where we enjoyed relatively frozen water to swim. We slept in a great setting at the edge of a beach park in Collingwood.

The Bruce Peninsula

Afterwards, we went up the Bruce Peninsula to take the ferry in Tobermory to go to Manitoulin Island. We had booked the ferry a few days before to make sure we could board with the RV.

We arrived two days before to enjoy this national park. Unfortunately, for the “Grotto”, the place of the park that we absolutely wanted to discover, you have to reserve a (free) parking space on a 4-hour slot. There was no availability at all when we arrived. We were a little upset, so we decided to leave the park without trying to see anything else.

Bruce Peninsule, Ontario

Finally, as we had to wait for the ferry, we returned to the park the next day and bathed in Singing Sands. The level of Lake Huron was so high that there was no beach. We had water at our feet for many meters before we could immerse our knees. So we couldn’t hear the sand sing…

The next morning at 7 am, we boarded a ferry for a 2-hour crossing of Lake Huron to Manitoulin Island.

Manitoulin Island, Ontario

Arriving early on the island, we first stopped at Providence Bay to rest after our short night. I was able to do yoga on the beach and bathe quickly in the frozen water of one of the Great Lakes.

Lake Huron, Ontario

We then went to Gore Bay where we walked and bought some local beer. Then we went to see the Bridal Veil fall.

In the afternoon, we returned to mainland to continue our crossing of Ontario along Lake Superior.

Happy Canada Day!

The next day, we decided to do nothing to celebrate July 1, Canada Day. We spent the day on a beach of Lake Huron, swimming and playing frisbee.

Canada Day, Ontario

We took the road to drive at night and try to watch fireworks in the distance. Instead, we enjoyed this beautiful sunset.

Canada Day, Ontario

Lake Superior

Driving up Lake Superior to Thunder Bay and then Manitoba, we slept in a mystical place, by the water with fog.

Lake Superior, Ontario

We stopped in the town of Wawa to do laundry, and in Marathon to sleep. We bathed in Lake Superior, in a small village. I even shampooed with the water from the lake. 🙂

Lake Superior, Ontario

Thunder-Bay, Ontario

On our way to Thunder-Bay, our last stop in Ontario, we ran out of oil again… A big scare, because we were in a work zone, at the beginning of a lane with alternating traffic. Also, the RV took much longer to restart than at the first breakdown.

The next day, we gained height on a mountain to admire the bay and the Sleeping Giant Peninsula, a peninsula in the shape of a giant who is sleeping. After Thunder-Bay, we drove to Manitoba to reach the city of Winnipeg.

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