Our road trip in Canada

It’s time to make conclusions of our road trip in Canada. It’s been two weeks since we are off the country’s roads, having completed our journey from East to West.

Dates and duration of our road trip

We have been in Canada since February 14, 2019. Our road trip began on May 15, 2019, and we “ended the trip” on October 1. I add quotation marks to the end of the journey, because for us, the journey continues, it’s just that it will take a different form as we are settling for work.

So we were on the roads for 139 days (compared to the 200 we had planned). We travelled 4 and a half months instead of 7 months, because the search for the camper in winter took longer than expected. We thought we’d leave in April instead of mid-May. And then we thought we could continue the road trip until November, but for several reasons, including the first snowfall, we decided to stop a month earlier.

Our road trip

Distance travelled

The plan was to travel 26,000 kilometres through 10 provinces across Canada. We stopped at 20,242 kilometres without going to the Yukon. But, we decided to go to this territory on a future trip, and we would take the time to discover northern British Columbia and why not Alaska, during this future road trip.

Our estimate was 130 km per day, which is not too far from reality, as we are at 145 km per day. With a speed of 70 km per hour, we drove… I mean, Pierre-Adrien drove 2 hours a day on average.

Our road trip: the budget

Estimating and preparing a budget for a long-term trip is no small task. We did not do too badly for a first road trip.

Our road trip

Without going into too much detail and numbers, life costs us about C$3000 a month, without taking into account the exceptional expenses.

These exceptional expenses, C$27,000 since the beginning of the trip, are the big investments of the beginning such as the purchase and the steps related to the purchase of the motorhome, repairs and rehabilitation of the vehicle, car insurance, equipment including our fabulous mattress, accommodations and transportation before the purchase of the recreational vehicle, etc.

Our road trip: gasoline

The biggest part of our monthly budget is gasoline, which averages C$1,500 per month (travelling 4500km/month). Now that we are more sedentary, this expense will decrease.

On average, we consumed 27.7 liters per 100 kilometers with the camper. Where we least consumed was when returning from the Northwest Territories to Edmonton, Alberta. Pierre-Adrien drove at 70km per hour, without stopping for 7-8 hours consuming 14.1 liters per 100km.

bilan de notre road-trip

The average price of gasoline during our trip was C$1.235 per litre. The most expensive was C$1.45/litre in Thunder Bay (early July) and Yellowknife (early August). While the cheapest was in Alberta, around Edmonton and south of Calgary, at less than C$1 per litre.

Tourism: itinerary and discoveries

Regarding our road trip in terms of tourism. We’re pretty happy with what we’ve been able to accomplish.

We went to 50% of the points of interest that we had noted when preparing the itinerary. You can find all the points of interest on the map below.

The itinerary remained very close to the one imagined, although we did not go to northern British Columbia and the Yukon. We will let you discover our articles on each province:

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New Brunswick and Nova Scotia: The Atlantic Provinces

Ottawa Getaway
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Manitoba and Saskatchewan: The Prairies

Road-trip in Alberta
Banff, Canadian Rockies National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park: Kootenay, Yoho and Jasper

Northwest Territories

British Columbia

Here’s everything we’ve done in Canada:

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