After picking up our recreational vehicle at the garage after 3 weeks of refurbishment and upgrades, we took two days to clean it up and move in. We were waiting for our custom mattress to leave for our road trip. In the meantime, we were learning how to live in our new home.

road-trip Canada

Where to sleep on a road trip?


Before we left, we had inquired about the different places where we could park to sleep during the road trip. We use an app called “Ioverlander which lists many places where it is possible to spend the night for free.

road-trip Canada

These include most Walmart, truck areas, some parking lots in small towns, and some beautiful spots in the middle of nowhere or at the side of a road with stunning views.

Canada sunset

Our first road trip destination was the Mauricie Park in Quebec. We spent our first night boondocking on a parking lot near the Shawinigan River. For the next two nights, we were in the middle of the forest on a hike parking lot with two other recreational vehicles.

first boondocking road-trip canada


We try to sleep in campsites every 4 or 5 days depending on our needs for fresh water and drinking water, but also to dump our grey and black waters. We also enjoy having internet and take long hot showers when we stay in campgrounds.

road-trip camping

Where to dump on a road trip?

In addition to campgrounds, we sometimes have the chance to find free dump stations where we can fill our fresh water and drain our tanks. These places allow us to be more autonomous during the road trip.

How do we receive mail?

We took advantage of the fact that we were passing through Quebec City to see my cousin and pick up mail. We had ordered LED bulbs to replace Couik-Couik’s bulbs (our RV) in order to consume less. (FYI: 12 LED bulbs on Amazon for about 20 $CA instead of 25 $CA in store for 2 LED bulbs)

Afterwards, we had a problem with the inverter that the first garage had installed. We had to order a new one. We were then in New Brunswick, in Fundy National Park, where we spent 6 nights waiting to receive our Amazon delivery.

Our first road trip breakdowns

Buying a used vehicle dating back to 1989 necessarily exposed us to a few breakdowns. The most difficult thing for us, since we don’t know much about mechanics, is to identify the problem without going through a garage, which can cost us a lot.

Fuel breakdown

In Tadoussac, we experienced our first gas breakdown. We learned that we can do about 200-250 kilometres on 50 liters when our tank is probably 100 litres. Our gas gauge must not work properly, and we no longer dare to drive on the supposed second half of our gas tank.

recreational vehicle down

Oil breakdown

On our way back from New Brunswick, we had an engine oil breakdown on a truck area. Fortunately, we were no longer on the highway.

That morning, Pierre-Adrien had suggested that we had to do an oil level. We had been on the road for almost a month and had already travelled more than 4,00 kilometres. With great luck, the former owner of our RV had left two cans of motor oil in the trunk. We poured over 6 litres and were able to leave without assistance. At the first truck garage, we stopped to find out if our breakdown was normal. Reassured by the garage owners, we got back to our road trip with two oil cans full.

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