Thai beach resorts: Hua Hin

During my university semester in Bangkok, we sometimes needed to leave the hustle and bustle of the capital to breathe some “pure” air and rest. We were going away quite regularly during the weekends to Thai beach resorts like Pattaya and Hua Hin.

Thai beach resorts: Hua Hin

Thai beach resorts: Weekend in Pattaya

This seaside resort is internationally known for its sex tourism. It is the American military (stationed on the air base of U-Tapao, 70 km to the east) who popularized this small fishing town in the 1960. When they were on leave, they went to Pattaya to entertain themselves.

When I went to Pattaya, I knew what to expect. We stayed there only one night with my friend, the goal being to get out of the teeming pace of Bangkok.

Thai beach resorts: Weekend in Hua Hin

Located 170 km from Bangkok (3h bus drive), Hua Hin is a beach resort, the oldest in the country. We went there to visit a former colleague of my friend who kindly hosted us. We spent our weekend in the hotel in which she worked to enjoy the pool. The weather was not good enough to go to the beach.

Hua Hin Sam Phan Nam Floating Market:

Our host took us to the floating market: Hua Hin Sam Phan Nam Floating Market. It is a very touristy market. The entrance is 200 bath (5 euros) for non-Thai. It is very expensive and quite discriminating because normally floating markets are free for everyone. Moreover, it is not really a floating market, because water is artificial and the stalls are all around. It’s still an interesting market, with a lot of things to buy and see. It is also possible to take a boat ride and enjoy a water show.

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