Salt Lake City, Temple, Utah, USA

I wanted to go to America with Pierre-Adrien, for him to meet my American family.

We had been preparing this trip to Salt Lake City for more than 6 months and had the chance to find cheap airplane tickets in November 2016.

You & Me in Salt Lake City, in front of the Temple, Utah, USA

Date of Stay

From May 07 to 21, 2017


We stayed to my grandmother’s house who lives 20 minutes from the centre and spent a few nights at my older brother’s in the centre of Salt Lake City.

Total cost of the stay

  • Airplane tickets purchased in November 2016: €860
  • Expenses: $350 that we had in cash (money received for Christmas and Easter) then $650 in card.

So $1000, which is approximately €900.

  • Plus tolls and petrol charges for round trip to Paris and Uber charges for round trip to Paris Airport (€45 and €50).

Our trip cost us nearly €2000 in total for 2 weeks of unforgettable vacation.

Small presentation of Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, or Salt Lake, or SLC is the capital of the state of Utah in the United States.

The city was founded in the nineteenth century by pioneers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also called Mormons, led by their leader at that time, Brigham Young. It is now the world headquarters of the church, but Mormons represent only 45% of the inhabitants of the city.

Salt Lake City is home to 178 097 inhabitants. The metropolitan area of SLC has 1 018 826 inhabitants. So it’s relatively a small town for the US, but it’s gigantic to us.

It is located in the Rocky Mountains between 1 284 and 2 870 metres, with an average of 1 320 metres dominated by the Wasatch Mountains to the east and Oquirrh to the west. The city is also located close to the Great Salt Lake, obviously the city is named after it.

Our discoveries in Salt Lake City

I’m not going to give a detailed day-to-day program of what we did, because we spent a lot of time with family, or shopping and eating. 🙂

Temple Square

We strolled through the city centre to see the religious monuments and buildings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We went to Temple Square where we could see the temple (there was even a Mormon wedding that day, the wedding is for them very different from ours. Anyone can attend as long as they are Mormon and it is an everlasting marriage [with the loved one and with God]), the Tabernacle (as for the temple, it is necessary to be Mormon to be able to penetrate the places), lots of statues, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (Joseph Smith was one of the Mormons’ prophets) as well as the administrative buildings of the LDS community (Latter-day Saints – Other name given to the Mormons).

Red Butte Garden

We spent one morning in a beautiful garden called Red Butte Garden, close to the University of Utah. It is so big that we did not even see everything. A new large area dedicated to water conservation opened just after our visit. The garden offers lots of events and a great souvenir shop.

North of Temple Square

The day before we left, when the sun had returned after a few days of snow/hail/rain, we went for a stroll north of Temple Square. The temple being the center of Salt Lake City, the streets are counted by hundreds from the 0 – the temple. So south of the temple, we have South Temple then 100 South, 200 south, etc. And the same for the other cardinal points. This makes it very easy to locate yourself in the city. At the northeast corner of the temple, there is the Brigham Young Historic Park, which tells a little about the life of the Mormons upon their arrival in Salt Lake, and at the end of State Street (100 East) is the Capitol, an administrative monument of the state of Utah. When we were up there, we could see a cathedral that looked splendid. So we went there, and it was the Cathedral of the Madeleine, which is also the headquarters of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City.

The restaurants we tested in Salt Lake City


On the second night, we ordered some pizzas from Papa Murphy’s that are just delicious. These are homemade pizzas that you cook at home. It’s a fast-food chain, which can be found all over the US.

One night, we ate in town with my brother at Taco Taco, a small Mexican restaurant. We had so much Mexican food during our stay.

We were finally able to test Barack Obama‘s favorite fast food, Five Guys, on our shopping trip to Lehi.

Five Guys, Lehi, Utah, USA


On the first day we had lunch at Red Rock, a local brewery where we tasted a supergood IPA (India Pale Ale – bitter beer) called Elephino (pun with “Hell if I Know”).

Bangkok Terrace, a wonderfully good and cheap Thai restaurant that we were able to test with my brother during a lunch. It is located in the city centre of SLC, on Gallivan Avenue.

After our visit to the Red Butte Garden, my grandmother took us to lunch at Ruth’s Diner in Immigration Canyon a few minutes drive from the garden. This restaurant has a particular history and is located in a tram car with the magnificent scenery of the canyon.

My older brother took us for brunch in two restaurants, Rye and Oasis. Two very nice places in the city centre, where we ate very well.

The last night, we had dinner with family in a Mediterranean restaurant, Layla, where we ate shawarmas with exquisite french fries.


We tested a French bakery called Delicacies which is located towards the corner of 300S/300E. It was of course not as good as in France, but I was amazed by the quality of the pastries, which are usually very dry.

During our stay in Salt Lake City, we also left for 4 days in Moab in southern Utah to go camping and visit canyons in the desert. Discover the article: Getaway to Moab!

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